Bichon Havanese

Welcome to Karvil’s Havanese!

KARVIL’S HAVANESE, family kennel, registered at FCI in 2008, is the first kennel from Romania specialized in bichon havanese breeding.

In our concept,  HAVANESE represents passion, unconditional love, wonderful moments spent together and last but not least, participation at specialized exhibitions,  in our country and outside of it.

The quality, happiness and health of our dogs are the essence of our activity and are practically the main objectives.

Our dogs come from internationally renowned kennels with traditions in breeding this race. Thereby, Maya and Jessy come from Pillowtalk’s Havanese Kennel, the kennel which imported the first specimens in Europe. I present my gratitude, in this way, to Monika and Al Moser (Germany) for the help and trust that they offered me.